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welkom op ons forum, veel plezier
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welkom op ons forum, veel plezier
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BerichtOnderwerp: Video's en screenshots   Video's en screenshots Emptyvr sep 23, 2011 2:40 pm

Hallo members, bezoekers.

Plaats in dit forum je Video's en/of Screenshots.

Hieronder zie je een stuk van basic recording , Die ik heb gekopierd van mijn oude clan.

Sorry dat het in het Engels is , binnekort zal ik hem voor sommige mensen vertalen in het Nederlands.


Right, i've seen a few members asking how to record in game, so here is a little guide on how to record.

-Please Note that this guide is for the complete basics in recording-

First of all, you need to have the Console Enabled. To do this: Options>Game Options

To record ingame, into the console you need to type:

/record {DemoNameHere}
Example: /record TTMffa1

You'll notice the size of the .dem file appear on the screen whilst recording.

To stop recording the command is:


Next, to get the .dem file into the useful .avi format you'll need to buy/get Fraps ( You can get the free trial, but that means you can only record for 30 seconds at a time, so I would recommend getting it off...*cough cough* Pirate Bay *cough cough*.

Now, here is the bit that many forget. YOU CANNOT VIEW DEMOs WITHOUT MODS. You also cannot view the .dem files in the folder that they are saved into by default. This means that you'll have to move them.

If you bought COD4 via Steam, the demo files will be found in:
C:>Program files>Steam>Steamapps>common>Call of Duty 4>Main>Demos

If you bought some other way, it is likely to be found here:
C:>Program files>Activision>Call of Duty 4>Main>Demos

Once you have found the .dem files, you'll want to move them into the mod 'ModWarfare' by going back into the Call of Duty 4 folder and then going into the 'Mods' folder and then the ModWarfare folder.
(C:>Program Files.....>Call of Duty 4>Mods>ModWarfare)

Now, you'll need to create a folder here called 'demos' in which you will put the .dem files.
Once you have put the .dem files into Call of Duty 4>Mods>ModWarfare>demos, go back into COD4 to the main page and click 'Mods', and then launch the ModWarfare mod.

Now to play the demos you need to type in the command:

/demo {DemoNameHere}
Example: /demo TTMffa1

Then, whilst watching the demo, you can record using Fraps. I would recommend using an fps (within Fraps) of no more than 40-50 as a high fps isn't needed. Please note that if you are only just managing to reach a constant fps on minimum graphics, or aren't reaching a constant fps at all, even with high fps configs, I would not recommend recording, as the final product will look very bad. Also, if your fps begins to change during recording, or you get lagg spikes, this is due to your fps in either Fraps or the viewing of the demo changing. This can easily be fixed by lowering your maxfps ingame. For this reason I would recommend creating a new Profile within COD4, with a 'Movie Config' setup, designed purely for recording purposes. If you don't want to, you can simply change all the options to how you have them normally, and then reduce your maxfps for this profile to, say, 60. If you are still getting lagg spikes, lower your graphic and texture settings ingame.
To reduce your maxfps:

/com_maxfps 60

Please note that having 125fps or 250fps whilst recording won't make you jump further, so it is completely useless Your eyes also don't see much different once fps reaches above 60-80; any higher is to abuse the game engine's bugs. When recording, what you want is a constant fps in Fraps AND in-game, so that lagg spikes are removed.

To stop the demo, type /disconnect.

Now that you have recorded, your .avis will be found in My Computer>Fraps, but I would recommend changing the file destination in Fraps to a folder in your documents, such as >My Documents>Clips>COD4.

Editing and compression can then take place.

Additional Info

-ModWarfare isn't the only mod in which you can view demos. I believe you can view all demos in promod also, but other unique mods such as bounce mods, I think you can only view those demos in its own mod.

-Movie Configs can be found at

-There is a way to hide all icons whilst playing, but I can't remember how at the moment, so this will be edited once someone posts how to.

-You can also change the speed of the demo when watching it using commands, but these commands only work if you first launch the desired mod, and then type in:

/devmap {AnyMapNameHere}
Example: /devmap mp_backlot

Then once it's loaded, leave, as this is only to make sure commands work, and then start viewing your demo.
Commands for altering speed of demo (All bound to numpad arrows, and 5 is for normal speed):

/bind KP_UPARROW timescale 5.0 (Speed up demos by x5, useful for speeding through to the clip)
/bind KP_RIGHTARROW timescale 2.0 (Speed up x2)
/bind KP_5 timescale 1 (Normal Speed)
/bind KP_LEFTARROW timescale 0.5 (Half speed)
/bind KP_DOWNARROW timescale 0.25 (You should record on this one)

(You can just copy/paste these into the console, or add them to your config)

Recording at 0.25x speed @ 30fps in both cod4 and fraps means that when you increase its speed in Sony Vegas back to normal, and normalise the sound, the fps will increase x4 to 120fps. So if you record at 0.25x speed at 30fps, you'll end up with a HD vid at 1.0x speed with 120fps.
Also, record at between 15,000,000 and 25,000,000 bps.

\seta hud_enable 0 (Removes minimap etc)
\cg_drawchatpositions 0 (Removes chat)

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